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SENSE Pool Care App
“Very convenient…

…way to keep pool water properly conditioned. I also learned how leaves and rain affect chemical balance of the water.”

Larry Quan
“I’ve already recommended it to my dad.

The team behind WaterGuru is extremely knowledgeable and this type of device can revolutionize the pool industry.”

Erik Bryant
“Easy setup.

The measurement seems accurate as I compared against manual chemical tests.”

Pool smart. Delivers customized instructions on how to maintain your water in perfect balance with the least amount of chemicals.
SENSE’s proprietary film strip, made from glass components, stays submerged in water 24/7 without degrading, then exposes one-time-use chemistry pads for precise measurement.
SENSE samples the entire pool, not just the surface water. SENSE’s patented optical sensor precisely reads the color of each measurement pad, indiscernible to the naked eye.
The first and only smart pool device that automatically tests your pool water every day for pH and chlorine levels.
Receive water treatment advice based on dynamic pool conditions.

What do leaves do to your pool?

Leaves and other debris in your pool affects water balance, consumes chemicals and if not removed can stain your pool surfaces.

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Feel like ditching your test strips?

If you’re like most people, you’re never sure you’re reading your test strips right. Which means you’re never sure when and how to treat your pool’s water. You’re paying how much for this?

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What do pets do to your pool?

A single medium-sized dog in a pool can affect pool water as much as 3 people by raising the pH and quickly consuming the pool's chlorine.

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What can rain do to your pool?

Rain can be acidic and can affect your pool’s pH balance. After a heavy rain, extra water in the pool dilutes the chemistry.

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People. Pets. Insects. Leaves. Sun. Rain.

It’s not your fault that pool water care is complicated. With sense, the solution isn’t.

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What does sunlight do to your pool?

Sunlight and heat can actually affect pool chlorine. Ultraviolet rays can reduce chlorine by up to 90 percent in two hours. As for temperature, warmer water tends to breed more bacteria, and so the pool's chlorine gets used up faster and must be replenished more frequently.

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What do swimmers do to your pool?

Of course you want swimmers in your pool, that's the whole point right? But natural oils, hair products, and sunscreen can rapidly alter your pool's pH.

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