It's about time you experienced perfect pool water.

Pre-order a WaterGuru smart poolside device today and automatically receive $300 in FREE pool supplies for your WaterGuru.

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What do you get?


The only smart poolside device that automatically tests and treats pool water—every day.

WaterGuru Starter Kit

Everything you need
to get started.

6 Chlorine Refills

1 Test Pad Cassette

2 DROP pH Refills

4 C-Cell Batteries

Free Pool Supplies

$300 value, lasts over 6 months
for typical pool.

24 Chlorine Refills

2 Test Pad Cassettes

8 DROP pH Refills


How does it work?
It's simple...


Pre-order a WaterGuru smart poolside device for $395.00. Only -- of 100 pre-orders still available, order yours today.


Free shipping! As soon as your WaterGuru is ready to ship, you will receive an email notification with standard shipping timelines. 


Risk-free! Your credit card won’t be charged until 30 days after you receive your WaterGuru, use it and decide to keep it.


Any customer who pre-orders a WaterGuru will receive FREE pool supplies ($300 value, lasts over 6 months for typical pool).

Will WaterGuru work
in my pool?

Pool Type

WaterGuru works with in-ground pools (pools that are permanently built into the ground).

Skimmer Size

WaterGuru fits on a standard 8" round skimmer (nearly all in-ground pools have 8" round skimmers).

WiFi Connectivity

WaterGuru needs a WiFi signal that reaches your skimmer (simply place your phone on the skimmer to test).

Use WaterGuru risk free on your pool for 30 days.

Run your pool risk-free for 30 days.
Free shipping including any returns.
Three Year Warranty no questions asked.

Hurry, only -- of 100 pre-orders
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Pre-order WaterGuru and get everything you need to create perfect pool water, including $300 in free supplies (lasts up to 6 months for a typical pool).