Meet WaterGuru.

The only smart poolside device that automatically tests and treats pool water—every day.

This ingenious device works great.

"Over the past 20 years we encountered several water disasters that cost us thousands of dollars to repair including recently emptying and refilling the pool. We installed WaterGuru to ensure our pool water is in perfect conditions every single day. This ingenious device works great. I just wish it was invented years ago… "

Sharon San Jose, CA

My pool water has been totally clear.

"WaterGuru is great, now I don’t have to go check on the pool everyday. My pool water has been totally clear, clean and safe for my kids, I love it!"

Gadi Palo Alto, CA

WaterGuru doesn’t just skim the surface.

It fits on top of your pool skimmer to monitor pH and chlorine with a patented sensor. Then it treats your pool for you by automatically dispensing the right amount of balancing agents.

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Safe, clean water is a system of checks and balances.



WaterGuru automatically maintains daily pH and chlorine levels to keep your pool from losing its balance. And precise water balance means your pool stays consistently clean, clear and safe.

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Smart homes deserve smart pools.

Because WaterGuru is smart enough to take care of itself, it fits seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem. Glance at your phone to see it in action and get the status of your pool in real time.

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Avoid sticker shock with daily maintenance.

WaterGuru automatically measures and adjusts pool chemistry, so you can feel good knowing your pool is being treated with the least amount of chemicals. Because you only use what you need, you don’t have to buy expensive extra chemicals to recover bad water or pay for service to restore an imbalanced pool.

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Pool chores shouldn't get in the way of fun.

WaterGuru automates everyday pool maintenance, so every pool moment is joy. Depending on conditions, WaterGuru can maintain an average 18,000-gallon pool for up to 30 days without needing a refill. (We like to think of it as a care-free pool.)

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No hassles, more splashing around.

WaterGuru is easy to install yourself and comes equipped with everything you need to treat your pool for 30 days or longer. Because every moment you spend thinking about your pool should be how best to enjoy it.

WaterGuru Starter Kit

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Chlorine Refills


Test Pad Cassette


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